GulfDine was started by two young men as a part-time venture towards the end of 2008, and we've been lucky to have been a destination for many of the hungry restaurant-seekers of Doha! This was our first startup attempt, and we're proud of how far we made it.

Unfortunately, we were unable to ever fully commit our time and resources to GulfDine, which meant we could never really give it the attention it deserved. It wasn't making any money for us, so we couldn't ever switch to it full time. It has been languishing for the past few years and the hosting have been adding up. Even worse, each day is a reminder of how the site is aging, and all the little cracks that are beginning to show.

We've decided it's time to say goodbye. We hope we've been able to serve you, and you'll remember GulfDine fondly!


Punit Manek and Donniel Thomas